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How to use Photo Bank:

The Photo Bank is a database of digital photos of sailing activities at CRSC and elsewhere, that you are invited to browse using suitable keywords.

For example, you can search for classes of dinghy, such as 'lightning', 'solo', 'merlin', etc.
Or search for sail numbers, such as '7066', '145', etc.
Or search for helms or crews - first names only.
For all the photos for a year, search by year number: 2016, 2015, etc.
Please try it and see what you find!

In addition, if you have pictures from a digital camera, you may upload these to the Photo Bank for others to browse.

To do this, first find the picture files on your PC. These are usually found under My Documents / My Pictures, and have filenames ending in ".jpg". Copy these to another folder on your computer, or to the desktop, edit them if necessary and then use the upload facility on the Photo Bank page. Photos may be any filesize up to 2MB, but it is recommended that you use a broadband internet connection for files of this size.

Please be aware that any photo submitted may become freely viewable on the internet (not just to club members), and may be copied or reproduced without your permission. If your photo contains close-up photos of minors, please ensure you have the permission of their parent/guardian before uploading. Photos will be submitted to the webmaster for approval before being entered in the database. The webmaster reserves the right not to publish and to delete any photo for any reason, or for no reason at all.

If you object to any image displayed on this website, please contact the webmaster quoting the photo filename; this can be obtained using: Right-Click > Properties.

If you have any difficulties using this service, please contact the .