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BurgeeEnvironment Agency Registration river licences are mandatory.

Sailing Instruction No.2 (see Cookbook) will be enforced in series races this year. Helms are required to declare their valid licence number on a sign-up sheet on the club notice-board on the day of a race (or beforehand) in order to earn points in club races. Points 'lost' will not be reinstated retrospectively. Sign-up is required for all races from 3rd May 2017.

BurgeeHelm & Crew Connections.

To allow Crews to find willing Helms, and for Helms to find willing Crews, we have a facility in the 'Members Only' section entitled "Helm & Crew Connections". Helms and Crews alike may advertise their availability and requirements, and hopefully connections can be made to get more boats and more people afloat throughout the year. To access this, LOGIN in the usual way, and click on the 'Helm & Crew' link. Alternatively, you might like to try the FORUM.