New Membership Subscriptions

This page gives details of the New Membership fees, downloadable forms for applications, plus a contact link to the Membership Secretary.

Existing members seeking to renew their subscriptions are invited to use the Renewal page in the Members Only section - please click 'Login'.

Subscription Item Fee
Entrance fee for new members £40
Family Membership (2 Adults + Under 18s) £235
Family Membership (1 Adult + Under 18s) £190
Joint Sailing Membership (partners) £200
Full Sailing Membership £155
Student member (see Note 1) £40
Associate member (non-sailing) £50
Berth fee (per boat) £50
Topper fee stored only on rack £30
Optimist berth fee £20
Trailer parked in car park £20

Note 1 : Anyone between the ages of 18 and 23 and in full-time education may pay the Student subscription and will not pay an Entrance fee until applying for Full Sailing Membership.

Note 2 : Before completing the Membership Form, please read the club's Rules and By-Laws.

To apply for membership, please download and submit the following forms:

Please download each of the two forms below in the quantities indicated. These may be printed and filled-in by hand, or may be completed on-line before printing. Please send to the Membership Secretary, together with your cheque if paying by this method.

Send your completed forms to the address shown on the form.
If you need help, please contact the at:
Cookham Reach Sailing Club, Berries Road, Cookham, Berkshire, SL6 9SD.