Links to other websites

General Sailing    - Royal Yachting Association.     - River Thames craft registration forms.    - General sailing website.    - Boat insurance.

Dinghy Classes    - Merlin Rocket Association.    - Enterprise Association.    - Lightning 368 Association.    - One of the most comprehensive lists of sail boat classes, and their insurance groups.

Training    - Sailing & Watersports at Longridge, Marlow.    - Sailing & Watersports at Bray Lake, Maidenhead.    - Sailing & Navigation School at Bisham.

Other Clubs     - Gerrards Cross Sailing Association, Bucks.
Enjoy illustrated talks each week on all kinds of matters nautical during the off-season from October to March.     - Upper Thames Sailing Club in Bourne End, Bucks.     - Salcombe Yacht Club in Devon.

Local area    - Louis Baylis (Maidenhead Advertiser) Charitable Trust.    - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.    - Features and facilities along the course of the Thames.    - Cookham village.

Education!    - Knots for boating.    - Maritime Signal Flags.

Weather & Water

Windguru    - Weather forecast for Cookham.    - Weather maps, including wind strength and direction.    - MetCheck : 7 Day forecast charts, and more.    - Environment agency flood warnings.